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Minister of Investment and Industrial Development

Dear Guests, Media Representatives

Welcome to visit the official website of the Ministry of Investment and Industrial Development. Our website has been designed with the objective of keeping our visitors and readers well-informed about who we are, what services we offer, the milestones we have reached on the economic and social fronts and the progress we are achieving with our development partners. I encourage you to visit often to find the most recent information, news and reports. 

- Mr. Abdirazak Ibrahim Mohamed


The Reasons to Invest in Somaliland

Why Invest In Somaliland?

  • Somaliland is a country with large economic potential and immense business opportunities for the development of new markets. Besides the fact that it is blessed with numerous natural resources, a fast expanding economy and a growing middle class, it is also well known for the exceptional hospitality of its inhabitants. Somaliland maintains a strong system of investment rights and a straight forward corporate law where investors will get adequate protection and benefit for their investments. However, Somaliland generates a resilient infrastructure for all investment although providing the strong growth and security needed.

    Doing business in a new market always presents numerous challenges. This is particularly the case in Somaliland as it is not a recognized country yet, and investors might think that doing business in such a place is going to be a difficult and daunting task. The main obstacle to major foreign direct investment has been the unfamiliarity on the part of potential investors about Somaliland’s well-established peace and stability as well as its economic potentials.


Latest Updates

Global Brands are already here


Big names are already made it Somaliland their regional HQ’s

Due to the attractive opportunities and appealing location, Major global brands have already invested in somaliland as part of their strategies to access the wider regional markets and opportunities.