Project Development Department Job Description



The Project Development Department within the Ministry of Investment and Industrial Development of the Republic of Somaliland is responsible for spearheading the planning, development, and execution of strategic investment projects. This department plays a pivotal role in driving industrial growth and fostering a conducive environment for investment in the country.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Project Planning and Management:

Develop and implement comprehensive project plans, including timelines, budgets, and resource allocation.

Coordinate with relevant stakeholders to ensure projects align with national investment and industrial strategies.

  • Feasibility Studies and Research:

Conduct detailed feasibility studies and market research to assess the viability of proposed projects.

Analyze data and trends to provide insights and recommendations for project development.

  • Stakeholder Engagement:

Collaborate with local and international investors, government agencies, and other stakeholders to facilitate project approval and support.

Organize and participate in meetings, workshops, and conferences to promote investment opportunities in Somaliland.

  • Regulatory Compliance:

Ensure all projects comply with national laws, regulations, and international best practices.

Prepare and submit necessary documentation for project approvals and permits.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation:

Track the progress of ongoing projects and evaluate their outcomes against set objectives.

Report on project status, highlighting successes and addressing any challenges encountered.