The Ministry of Investment and Industrial Development is a newly Government Institution created for the first time on 14 December 2017 by the 5th president of Somaliland HE Muse Bihi Abdi for coordinating the fragmented investment projects into a single window. And is responsible for formulating strategies, policies, goals and programs aimed at developing local and foreign investments, improving the investment image of the country, quickly creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and cooperating in socio-economic development programs with United Nations and international organizations


The Ministry of Investment and IndustrIial Development is mandated to formulate investment and development policies, strategies and programs and monitoring their implementation, development of specialized economic zones and coordination of regional integration. And promote private sector development and to boost domestic and foreign investment by creating a conducive investment climate, as part of its effort to establish a market oriented economic system in Somaliland and responsible for drafting, negotiating and approving bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements and serves as a focal department for all Somaliland investment related affairs.

  • Executing strategies, policies and priorities of investment
  • Execution of the investment encouragement act
  • Improving the investment climate and facilitating procedures
  • Develop investment promotion systems
  • Monitor and evaluate the execution of investment policies
  • Work to attract national and foreign investments
  • Aim investment at the infrastructure and Employment


To create an enabling environment for a globally competitive, sustainable Industrial and investment by actively seeking out, attracting, facilitating, and promoting productive foreign and domestic investment that contributes a comprehensive economic development.


To place Somaliland a world class destination for Investment and Industrail Manafaturing Hub.

Our Objective

One of the key objectives of MOIID is to encourage and facilitate both foreign and local investment by providing information, fostering coordination and networks between investors and continually exploring new opportunities in Somaliland that would benefit both the nation and the business community.

  • To promote business in all areas that benefit Somaliland’s development
  • To explore and evaluate new investment opportunities
  • To seek land space and capital for investment
  • To facilitate mutually-beneficial coordination between investors
  • To priorities Somaliland and its growth and development
  • To promote investment services and products

The Ministry of Investment and IndustrIial Development provides services to investors among which the following are the most important:

  • Issue investment licenses through the One Shop Stop system in ample time
  • Furnish investors with the information necessary to invest in Somaliland
  • Provide target parties with promotion material
  • Promote investment in Somaliland and strengthen economic relations with other nations through exchanging visits, delegations and participation in conferences, workshops, and economic forums
  • Develop and maintain relations with international organizations and corporations and governments of other nations so as to develop investment and facilitate the exchange of information
  • Organize and host workshops and forums for investors in order to introduce them to the advantages of investing in Somaliland.

Core Values

Transparency and Accountability We strive to be as open and transparent as possible while carrying out our duties and activities, and to be accountable to the Government of Somaliland and its citizens in line with mandate of the MOIID. Results-oriented We strive to reach our vision of a stable, democratic, and prosperous Republic of Somaliland and improving the standard of living for citizens by introducing and fostering sustainable domestic and foreign investment in line with mandate of the MOIID Teamwork We strive to create an environment cooperation and collaboration within the MOIID and in our relationship with stakeholders in undertaking investment opportunities in order to achieve the goals of MOIID. Professionalism and Integrity We strive to carry out our duties with the highest degree of professionalism and with great integrity to ensure that the highest moral standards and efficiency are achieved in the operations, management and performance of activities of MOIID. Innovative We embrace new and better ways of achieving excellence1in line with mandate of the MOIID.